Welcome at EFCAP 2024 Azores, Portugal

In Search for Effective Interventions for Young Offenders and Victims
29-31 May, 2024


EFCAP congresses have been organized in different countries, offering opportunities for EFCAP members to get in touch with different cultures, and also with different practices and experiences within the field of child and adolescent forensic psychiatry, psychology and related professions. Congresses have also been an opportunity to welcome new colleagues into the EFCAP, contributing to create a community of practitioners and researchers interested in child and adolescent mental health issues in the forensic field.


Research and intervention efforts have been gradually focusing on young offenders and victims’ intervention needs. Offering and delivering appropriate treatment constitutes a major goal, attuned with EFCAP aims. The last decades have made possible the development of different types of interventions (e.g., individual versus group format), based in different theoretical approaches (e.g., CBT versus family focused), and delivered in different settings (e.g., community-based versus detention settings). Despite these efforts, there is still a need to assess treatment efficacy in more accurate ways.


This congress will offer the opportunity to share new ideas and findings, involving students, researchers, professionals and stakeholders, around the need to offer appropriate treatments to children and adolescents in the areas of forensic psychiatry, forensic psychology and related professions. Presenting new approaches to prevention and rehabilitation will be encouraged, as well as different methods when assessing treatment efficacy.


A group of invited Keynote speakers will address innovative issues related with young offenders, victims and treatment approaches. They will share new findings and bring new challenges to the congress participants.


We welcome you to the EFCAP 2024 Congress and invite you to get involved in a new experience – come, take a deep breath, and enjoy the unique nature of the Azores Islands.


The Organizing Committee,

Daniel Rijo, Ph.D. (Chair)

Ricardo Barroso, Ph.D.

Nélio Brazão, Ph.D.

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