EFCAP Amsterdam 2008

EFCAP 2008 Congress BookSince it was established ten years ago, EFCAP’s objectives have been to share scientific research and knowledge, to bring professional training up to international standards, and to improve assessment of children and adolescents involved in judicial procedures as well as treatment of juveniles when they are involved in the justice system.

In the past ten years, a closely-knit network has evolved all over Europe, a network of academics and professional practitioners, who visit each other’s facilities, collaborate on and participate in each other’s research, publish together and join forces to organise scientific congresses. For the past ten years we have annually organised an increasing number of symposiums at international congresses such as IALMH in Paris and Padua, ESCAP in Utrecht, Hamburg and Florence and EAPL in Cracow, Siena and Cyprus. Now we are organising a congress of our own, to be held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

With this congress we trust we will be taking the next step in the development of the very new discipline of forensic child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology, a discipline that is in urgent need of further development if we are to put a stop to the increasing distress among at-risk juveniles and their families.

Theo Doreleijers, chairman EFCAP congress committee

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