EFCAP Porto 2016

The 5th edition of the EFCAP biennial congress will take place in Porto, Portugal, May 11-13, 2016. The congress theme will be the mental health needs of young offenders and victims. Participants will be able to learn and to discuss about assessment procedures, intervention strategies and programs and legal issues related to mental health problems of both young offenders and victims. Scientific research has pointed out that both young offenders and victims present high rates of psychiatric and psychological problems, thus, needing to be intervened not only from a legal and correctional point of view, but also from a mental health treatment approach. One of the EFCAP aims is to raise awareness of the need for constant change in the criminal and civil justice systems, so as to provide as well as possible for the interests and the development requirements of children and young people. Professionals from different scientific backgrounds including child and adolescents psychiatrists and psychologists, forensic psychiatrist and psychologists, nurses, judges, lawyers, politicians, social workers, pedestrians, policy makers, teachers and pedagogues, and trainees of all these disciplines are strongly invited to participate and share their expertise, new data, research findings, new projects and ideas that can help to improve the mental health assistance provided to young offenders and to young victims of crime.

The congress program will feature seven integrative thematic:

  •                  Assessment and treatment of young offenders
  •                  Assessment and treatment of child and adolescent victims
  •                  Community based interventions with young offenders and victims
  •                  Practices in residential care of children and youngsters
  •                  Aggression management in children and adolescents
  •                  Neurobiological processes in antisocial youths
  •                  Offenders and victims legal issues

Each of these themes will be addressed from a diverse presentation formats including keynotes, workshops, symposia, roundtables, and poster sessions. The congress venue will be the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, with Auditoriums that have been designed to host national and international events, with comfortable accommodation and modern technological equipment.

Porto was elected the Best European Destination in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and won the title ahead of another 19 European cities. The famous Port Wine, an historical centre designated World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the museums and many charming parks are unique and exquisite marks of this city. We look forward to see you in Porto and invite you to submit your proposals for oral or poster presentations. The attendant’s to the 5th EFCAP Congress will appreciate a perfect combination of tradition and modernity and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Porto.

For more information, please visit the congress website: https://www.efcap2016.com.

Ricardo Barroso (Chair)
Daniel Rijo
Nélio Brazão