Vacancy Office member EFCAP

Do you have a passion for forensic child and adolescent psychiatry, with a focus on both the clinical field and research?


EFCAP is looking for a dedicated office staff member. EFCAP focuses on gathering information on and contributing to the quality of treatment of behavioral problems and/or delinquent behavior in adolescents.


As an international organization, EFCAP focuses on strengthening collaboration and knowledge transfer between forensic child and adolescent psychiatrists and professionals in other fields such as psychology, neurobiology, criminology, sociology and law. This is done at the level of treatment as well as at the level of research and policy. To strengthen these international links, an European EFCAP Congress is held every two years. More information about EFCAP can be found at


Together with your office colleagues, you will carry out various activities:

  • Maintain the website
  • Assisting the EFCAP Board with various administrative tasks
  • Preparation of the board meetings, which are held four times a year


Although this position is voluntary, it is a unique opportunity to contribute to this valuable organization, gain experience in the field and expand your international professional network!


If you have any questions or would like to apply to become an office member, please contact:

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