Looking back at the GGzE Catamaran EFCAP event

Foto: Bram Saeys; GGzE Catamaran EFCAP Event; Different Perspectives on Yout Forensic Psychiatry; See Learn Teach. Met oa Marie_louise Vosen, Joep Verbugt, Robert Vermeiren, Klaus Schmeck, Chijs van Nieuwenhuizen, Inge Gerrits, Nienke Slikkers, Kim Custers, Marsha Broeders, HipHopLab040E.M. Mijnarends, Lisette Janssen, Alexa Rutten, Willem Kleine Schaars, Charlotte Barendregt, David Buitenweg,

Sharing knowledge

At Thursday the 20th of April, the event ‘Different Perspectives on youth forensic psychiatry’, organized by GGzE and EFCAP, took place in Eindhoven.

Several renowned speakers were present, such as Robert Vermeiren, Klaus Schmeck, Chijs van Nieuwenhuizen, Ingrid van den Bogerd, Jeroen Dewinter, Cyril Boonmann, and many others. The varied program included a dance act, music videos by De Catamaran and an actual carousel in which no less then six research projects were presented in appealing fashion.



The day before, Ypke Hemmnga and Jasmijn Rahder from PIResearch gave a masterclass on the methodologies ‘New authority’ and ‘Non-violent resistance’.


Most of the presentations are available through GGzE’s website.

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