Poster Presentations

The antisocial phenomenon in childhood and adolescence: a project for building a developmental explanatory model
Alice Morgado, Coimbra

Adolescent firesetting, cruelty to animals and callous-unemotional traits
Scott Harden, Brisbane

Empowering parents of young offenders with psychiatric disorders to participate in treatment and policy development
Miriam de Heer, Bilthoven

Sexual violence among children
Monika Dabkowska, Torun

Munchausen by proxy syndrome and child abuse
Eleni Karachanidi, Kalamata

Different pathways from ADHD to delinquency – a short review
Steffen Weirich, Rostock

Family-based intervention aimed at children with behavioural problems (FITT): a manualized home treatment program for children with ADHD and conduct disorder
Anne Schröter, Mannheim

Ethanol-effects on brain development
Carla Cavaleiro, Salamanca

EQUALS – Clarification and goal attainment in youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions
Martin Schröder, Basel

Long term consequences of legal system failure to detect and protect minors from child abuse
Aleksandra Franic, Belgrade (Zemun)

Dating violence, violence attitudes and perception of parenting practices in heterosexual and homosexual portuguese young adults
Maria Da Luz Vale-Dias, Coimbra

Callous-unemotional traits and perception of teachers’ anger and distress in daily life in high-risk adolescents
Jill De Ridder, Lausanne

Psychiatric assessments of the young offenders in a specialized hospital for psychiatric diseases Gornja Toponica, Nis, Snezana Vladejic, Belgrade
The role of disruptive behaviour disorders and psychopathy in aggression incidents in a high security welfare institution for adolescents
Willemijn Noordhoff, Amsterdam

Competence Center of Child and Adolescent forensic psychiatry
Ulrich Preuss, Brandenburg

Training apartments for delinquent adolescents – an important step between inpatient treatment and therapeutic residential communities
Helmut Niederhofer, Rodewisch

Non-suicidal self-injury and personality factors in juvenile delinquents compared to juvenile psychiatric inpatients
Johannes Schmidt, Heidelberg

Concurrent alpha-amylase and cortisol reactivity in relation to juvenile disruptive behavior
Marjan de Vries-Bouw, Duivendrecht

Psychopathic subtypes and associations with mental health problems in incarcerated male adolescents
Violaine Veen, Leiden

Prevalence of externalizing problems in Dutch-Moroccan and Moroccan youths: a comparative study
Arne Bleijenberg, Duivendrecht

Predictive validity of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY)
Ugo Sabatello, Rome

The cortisol awakening response over adolescence
Evelien Platje, Duivendrecht

Post-treatment functioning after residential treatment perceived by parents and adolescents
Karin Nijhof, Hoenderloo

The prevention of antisocial behavior in children: ethical implications of a neurobiological approach
Dorothee Horstkötter, Maastricht

Dating violence and attachment to dating partner and peers in portuguese secondary and university students
Maria Da Luz Vale-Dias, Coimbra

Specific relapse prevention techniques and social skills training for juveniles who have sexually offended: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trial based on the “ThePaS”
Madleina Manetsch, Zurich

The FAST test in Italy: an instrument for the study of family relationships
Arianna Comelli, San Pietro de Feletto

Psychopathy in fathers: links with parenting and attachment style, and behavioral problems in the child
Patricia Bijttebier, Leuven

The effects of the Aggression Replacement Training on proactive and reactive aggression: a pilot study
Kirsten Smeets, Nijmegen

The concept of psychopathy before adulthood: a study of the content validity of the CAPP in adolescents
Maartje Clercx, Maasbracht

Prevalence of substance abuse among young offenders in Erbil, Iraq
Sirwan Ali, Erbil

Prevalence of childhood maltreatment among college students in Erbil, Iraq
Behnaz A. Saeed, Erbil

Medical students’ views of female self-immolation in Kurdistan
Mustafa Mahmud Na sraw, Erbil

The protective role of individual, familial, and peer factors on the association between chronic cumulative community strain and delinquency
Azizi A. Seixas, Bronx, NY

The Adolescent Treatment Motivation Questionnaire (ATMQ)
Thijs de Jongh, Amsterbaken

Keeping a baby in mind – a role of parental mentalization in family violence prevention
Paulina Golaska, Rokietnica

Using scenes from a documentary movie in sensitizing teachers to sexual child abuse
Susan C. A. Burkhardt, Ulm

Review of the literature on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church
Bettina Boehm, München

Prevalence of some major mental disorders among adolescents living in a residential group home and the distribution of these disorders by gender
Guillaume Bronsard, Marseille

Biosocial interactions between fMRI correlates of fear conditioning and parenting style in relation to persistence of early-onset disruptive behavior disorders: a preliminary study
Alex de Bruijn, Duivendrecht

Perceived antecedents and related thinking: patterns in adolescent criminal offences
Dilek Celik, Ortaköy/Istanbul

Resting state functional connectivity MRI in adolescents with persistent versus desistent patterns of early-onset disruptive behavior disorders
Louise Pape, Duivendrecht

Sequelae of child sexual abuse for the victims – a multi-centric study
Corina Nandi, Ulm

Systematic review and meta-analysis of juvenile offenders recidivism in Spain
Elena Ortega-Campos, Almería

Juvenile offenders recidivism: reliability generalization of the structured assessment for violence risk in youth (SAVRY)
Elena Ortega-Campos, Almería

A comparison between youth placed under penal law and their peers living in the same youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions
Eric Francescotti, Prilly

Risk and protective factors of externalizing problems in Dutch, Dutch-Moroccan and Moroccan youths
Sanne de Waal, Amstelveen

Retrograde amnesia and delinquency in high dose benzodiazepine dependent patients: a mixed method study
Michael Liebrenz-Rosenstock, Zurich

Multiple loyalties for psychiatrists with child and adolescent abuse
Raymond Traube, Neuchatel