Poster Presentations

The analysis of verbal content and of behavioural non verbal and vocal indicators as instruments in the process of lie detection
V. Massignani*, A. Cavedon (Valdagno, Padua, IT)

Cognitive control under emotional activation in adolescents with conduct disorder
F. Euler*, P. Sterzer, C. Stadler (Frankfurt, Berlin, DE)

Temperament and psychopathic traits in youths
A. Roose*, P. Bijttebier, L. Claes, S.O. Lilienfeld (Leuven, BE; Atlanta, US)

Evaluation of subjectivity in minors
T. Magro*, S. Quadri (Padua, IT)

Profiles of externalizing behaviour and their associations with psychopathic traits in a community sample of adolescents
M. Suter*, S. Pihet, P. Stephan (Lausanne, CH)

Forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents in Serbia
O. Vidojevic* (Belgrade, RS)

The copycat phenomenon after two Finnish school shootings: an adolescent psychiatric perspective
N. Lindberg*, E. Sailas, R. Kaltiala-Heino (Helsinki, Tuusula, Tampere, FI)

Could overprotection be a prodromal symptome of Munchausen syndrome by proxy?
G. Sofi* (Budapest, HU)

Study of some psychological characteristics of low birth weights’ parents in Fars province
F. Younessi* (Firouzabad, IR)

Characteristics of young sex offenders in Portuguese context
R. Barroso*, C. Manita, P. Nobre (Vila Real, Porto, Aveiro, PT)

Social setting in case of release from inpatient forensic treatment
N. Garbers*, A. Keitel, S. Schlüter-Müller (Lüneburg, Frankfurt, DE)

Aggressive behaviour and psychosis in a clinically referred child and adolescent sample
F. Khalid*, T. Ford, B. Maughan (London, Exeter, UK)

School shootings – current trends in the prevention of severe, targeted violence in schools and difficulties in implementation: a case study
B.Weizenegger*, B. Contin, B. Roth, E. Isler (Bruderholz, CH)

Screening for traumatic experiences and symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in detained boys in the Netherlands
P. Vahl*, S. Roelofs, O. Colins, M. Markus, T. Doreleijers, R. Vermeiren (Oegstgeest, Amsterdam, NL)

Pre-trial mental health assessment among juveniles in the Netherlands
M. ten Berge* (Rotterdam, NL)