Neurobiological markers of antisocial behaviour (Symposium 1)
Chairs: P. Sterzer & L.M.C. Nauta-Jansen

Cortisol and DHEA diurnal rhythm and stress reactivity in adolescents with Conduct Disorder
G. Fairchild*, S. van Goozen, S. Stollery, J. Brown, J. Gardiner, J. Herbert, I. Goodyer (Cambridge, Cardiff, UK)
Cortisol reactivity in boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and disruptive behaviour problems: the impact of callous unemotional traits
C. Stadler*, A. Kröger,W. Clement, C. Freitag (Frankfurt, DE)
Biosocial interaction: HPA-axis functioning and social environment as predictors for antisocial behaviour
E. Platje*, L.M.C. Nauta-Jansen, R. Vermeiren, Th. Doreleijers, P.A.C. van Lier, J.M. Koot, W. Meeus (Amsterdam, Leiden, NL)
Heart rate during stress predicts reoffending in delinquent male adolescents
M. de Vries-Bouw*, A. Popma, L.M.C. Nauta-Jansen, P. van de Ven, Th. Doreleijers, R. Vermeiren (Amsterdam, Leiden, NL)
Low electrodermal fear conditioning predisposes to childhood aggression and adult crime
A. Raine* (Philadelphia, US)

Risk assessment (Symposium 2)
Chairs: D. Deboutte & P. Boer

Is there a need for a SVR-20 Junior?
D.P. Boer* (Hamilton, NZ)
SAVRY risk and protective factors on recidivism by a forensic population in a child- and youth psychiatry residential facility in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium
T. De Clippele*, D. Deboutte, D. Van West (Antwerp, BE)
A new Dutch assessment instrument for juvenile delinquency
H.J.M. Spanjaard*, C.E. van der Put, S.S. Polak, R.B. Bolt (Amsterdam, NL)
The significance of protective factors in the assessment of risk
C. Lennox* (Manchester, UK)
The impact of protective factors in desistance from violent reoffending in youth
H.P.B. Lodewijks* (Zutphen, NL)

Psychopathy and delinquency (Symposium 3)
Chairs: J. Fegert & U. Preuss

Community violence and severe aggressive behaviour in adolescents: the impact of comorbid callous unemotional traits
A. Kröger*, J. Feifel, F. Poustka, C. Stadler (Frankfurt, DE)
Psychopathy, family violence and violent offending: a latent class approach
A. Voit*, H. Singer, M. Kölch, F. Keller, K. Schmeck, J.M. Fegert, M. Schmid (Ulm, DE & Basel, CH)
Measuring self-reported callous-unemotional (CU) traits in adolescents of the general population: inventory for CU traits or CU scale of the YPI?
S. Pihet*, M. Suter, P. Stephan (Lausanne, CH)
A comparison of psychopathic traits (YPI) and self-reported delinquency in a Swiss community sample and a sample recruited in youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions
C. Stadlin*, S. Felber Appiagyei, T. Pérez, M. Kölch, J.M. Fegert, A. Di Gallo, K. Schmeck, M. Schmid on behalf of the MAZ Research Group

Deutsches Symposium: Opfergerechte Täterarbeit (Symposium 4)
Chairs: M. Egli-Alge & A. Malär

Setting und Diagnostik.
M.Windler* (Kalchrain, CH)
Risikomanagement DORM.
A. Malär*, M. Egli-Alge (Kalchrain, CH)
Therapie und Behandlung.
M. Loher* (Kalchrain, CH)
Vernetzung und Transfer.
M. Maguhn* (Kalchrain, CH)

The use of the MAYSI-2 in Switzerland and Germany (Symposium 5)
Chairs: T. Grisso & M. Schmid

Prevalence and risk factors for suicidal ideation in a youth welfare sample in Switzerland
S. Schlanser*, M. Kölch, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck (Ulm, DE & Basel, CH)
The German version of the Massachusetts Youth Screening instrument-2 and its associations to delinquency and goal attainment
H. Singer*, A. Prestel, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck, M. Schmid (Ulm, DE & Basel, CH)
Self-reported youth delinquency and psychopathology in a representative Swiss community sample
S. Felber Appiagyei*, C. Stadlin, T. Pérez, K. Schmeck, A. Di Gallo, M. Schmid (Basel, CH & Freiburg, DE)

Prevention of recidivism and psychiatric relapse among adolescents with serious and persistant antisocial behaviour (Symposium 6)
Chairs: R. Zollinger & Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen

Quality of life in youth forensic psychiatry
Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen*, I.L. Bongers, C.S. Barendregt (Tilburg, Eindhoven, NL)
Behavioural changes during admission in a youth forensic psychiatric hospital: a test of the Good lives model
I.L. Bongers*, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen (Eindhoven, Tilburg, NL)
The role of promotive factors in prevention of recidivism
C.S. Barendregt*, I.L. Bongers, A.M. van der Laan, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen (Tilburg, Eindhoven, The Hague, NL)
Maternal characteristics and dysfunctional family interactions as predictors of girls’ disruptive behaviour
E. van der Molen*, A.E. Hipwell, R. Vermeiren, R. Loeber (Leiden, NL & Pittsburgh, US)
Specific psychiatric assessment and treatment of juveniles detained in an Austrian pre-trial detention facility
B. Plattner*, S. Bauer, M. Aebi, C. Bessler (Zurich, CH & Vienna, AT)

Family-based intervention programmes for adolescents with multi-problem behaviour (Symposium 7)
Chairs: R. Kaltiala-Heino & W. Felder

An overview of the treatment literature
T. van der Pol* (Leiden, NL)
MultiDimensional Family Therapy: introduction
H. Rigter* (Rotterdam, NL)
Adolescent drug users and court-Ordered outpatient therapy: the Geneva experience
P. Nielsen* (Geneva, CH)
From residential setting to community
K. Mos* (The Hague, NL)

Trauma and mental health (Symposium 8)
Chairs: M. Kölch & A. Popma

Participation of psychiatric ill adolescents – what is participation, how can it be assessed and how is it related to forensic aspects?
M. Kölch* (Ulm, DE)
The psychosocial conditions of children and adolescents living in Swiss youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions
S. Jäggi*, D. Gutschner, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck, M. Schmid on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany
Traumatic events and posttraumatic stress disorder in the youth welfare and juvenile justice system in Switzerland: prevalence and comorbidity
B. Breymaier*, H. Singer, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert , K. Schmeck on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany
Subclasses of traumatic experiences and its association to mental health, social impairment and delinquency in institutionalised youths
H. Singer*, F. Keller, M. Kölch, A. Prestel, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck, M. Schmid on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany

Intervention and treatment (Symposium 9)
Chairs: S. Bailey & P. Casteur

Efficacy of anger management training programme in a delinquent adolescent sample
Ö. Özbay*, G. Erden (Çorum, Ankara, TR)
&lt & Working in the eye of the storm: addressing developmental trauma through collaborative working between mental health services and prison staff to meet needs and reduce risk /a>
A. Rogers*, P. Mitchell, S. Bailey (Manchester, UK)

Stimulating the debate on the approach of care and treatment of young female offenders
P. Casteur*, E. Meert, R. Stegen, S. Stockman (Brussels, Leuven, Ypres, BE)
Aggression replacement training: using the Washington State model for quality assurance and transfer
H.J.M. Spanjaard*, S.S. Polak (Amsterdam, NL)
An evaluation of a cognitive-behavioural programme for adolescents girls in residential youth centres: a specific look on anger and aggression
N. Lanctot* (Longueuil, CA)

Trauma and juvenile delinquency (Symposium 10)
Chairs: H. Steiner & Th. Doreleijers

The effectiveness of a home-based early prevention program for children with ADHD and CD and their families
M. Hilberger*, T. Banaschewski, S. Bölte, L. Poustka, G. Ristow, B. Kentner-Figura (Mannheim, DE)
The effectiveness of an intervention to reduce posttraumatic stress symptoms among girls in closed juvenile institutions
L.E.W. Leenarts*, Th. Doreleijers, R.J.L. Lindauer, H.P.B. Lodewijks, R. Vermeiren (Duivendrecht, NL)
Contribution of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder for developing borderline personality disorder in detained girls
A. Krabbendam*, O. Collins, E. van der Molen, Th. Doreleijers, R. Vermeiren (Duivendrecht, NL)
Trauma, PTSD symptoms and mental health problems among detained girls and boys
P. Kerig* (Duivendrecht, NL)

Parental alienation disorder (Symposium 11)
Chairs: B. van Dieren & W. Bernet

Parental alienation: a new diagnosis for DSM-5 and ICD-11
W. Bernet* (Nashville, US)
Judicial intervention for loss of a parent-child relationship
B. Van Dieren* (Leuven, BE)
Psychological consequences of PAD-indoctrination for adult children of divorce and the effects of alienation on parents
U. Kodjoe* (Freiburg, DE)

Substance abuse and delinquency (Symposium 12)
Chairs: V. Ruchkin & M. Schmid

Illicit drug and alcohol use and abuse in a cohort of Swiss youths and young adolescents from youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions
B. Bailey*, N. Jenkel, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck (Basel, CH & Ulm, DE)
Juvenile alcohol and drug use in Swiss youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions. Predictors for problematic consumption behaviour
N. Jenkel*, B. Bailey, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck (Basel, CH & Ulm, DE)
The JUST Project – a residential treatment programme for adolescents with alcohol and drug problems. Preliminary results after two years with respect to participants on parole
J. Nuetzel*, R. Schepker (Ulm, Ravensburg, DE)
Social background, vulnerability and substance use: diagnostic tool
G. Hüsler* (Fribourg, CH)

Colloque français (Symposium 13)
Chairs: C. Perler & S. Eliez

Victimes, violences et allégations: l’aliénation parentale
P. Bensussan, O. Odinetz* (Versailles, Chaville, FR)
Ordonnances d’expertise: les changements apportés par le nouveau Droit Pénal des Mineurs (nDPMin) en matière de placement dans les établissements ouverts ou fermés
E. Francescotti*, G. Braunschweig, C. Perler, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany
Approches thérapeutiques intégratives et multidisciplinaires dans un établissement carcéral pour mineurs: l’exemple de la Clairière à Genève?
P. Heller* (Geneva, CH)
Le mineur en détention préventive et sa famille
C. Perler*, B. Gravier (Yverdon-les-Bains, Lausanne, CH)

Early life and development (Symposium 14)
Chairs: M.Walter & R. Schepker

How medicine and the law (legal system) can deal with the young delinquent?
M.Walter* (Geneva, CH)
Suboptimal parenting as a predictor of disruptive behaviour trajectories in girls: the moderating effect of callous-unemotional features
L.M. Kroneman*, D.A. Pardini, A.E. Hipwell, R. Loeber (Zutphen, NL & Pittsburgh, US)
Violation of the child’s legal and human rights to family life in parental alienation cases
A.L. Hellblom Sjögren* (Fagersta, SE)

Neuroimaging in disruptive behaviour disorders (Symposium 15)
Chairs: C. Stadler & A. Popma

Decreased white matter concentration in boys with psychopathic tendencies
S. De Brito*, E. McCrory, A. Mechelli, M.Wilke, A. Jones, S. Hodgins, E. Viding (London, UK & Tubingen, DE)
Affective information processing in adolescents with conduct disorder: neural and behavioural abnormalities
P. Sterzer*, F. Euler, C. Stadler (Berlin, Frankfurt, DE)
Structural and functional neuroimaging of childhood-Onset and adolescence-Onset forms of Conduct Disorder
G. Fairchild*, L. Passamonti, G. Hurford, C. Hagan, S. van Goozen, E. von dem Hagen, I. Goodyer, A. Calder (Cambridge, Cardiff, UK)
Fear conditioning and reward/punishment anticipation in persistent antisocial adolescents: preliminary results from an fMRI study
M. Cohn*, A. Popma,W. van den Brink, D. Veltman, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, Amsterdam, NL)

Psychopathology, psychopathy and reoffending (Symposium 16)
Chairs: S. Houghton & R. Vermeiren

The construct of juvenile psychopathy in restorative education unit adolescent populations: the further validation of a congeneric model
S. Houghton*, C. Tan (Perth, AU & Singapore, SG)
Cognitive versus social cognitive abilities in antisocial adolescents: associations with proactive and reactive aggression
S.C.J. Huijbregts*, M. Cima (Leiden, Tilburg, NL)
BARO: psychopathology and reoffending
C. Boonmann*, L. van Domburgh, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, NL)
Autism Spectrum symptoms in childhood arrestees: relation with reoffending
C. Geluk, L.M.C. Nauta-Jansen*, L. van Domburgh, R. Vermeiren, Th. Doreleijers, C. Hartman (Duivendrecht, Leiden, Groningen, NL)

Deutsches Symposium: Jugendforensische Versorgungskonzepte im deutschsprachigen Raum (Symposium 17)
Chairs: F. Haessler & R. Schepker

Organisationsmodelle der Forensik in der Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie: Konzeption für den Maßregelvollzug bei Jugendlichen und Heranwachsenden gemeinsam mit der stationären psychiatrischen Versorgung dissozialer Jugendlicher
W.Weissbeck* (Klingenmünster, DE)
Jugendforensik im Kontext einer Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie in Deutschland
F. Burchard* (Marsberg, DE)
Therapiesetting und Verlaufsdaten der Massregelbehandlung Jugendlicher/Heranwachsender in Rostock
P. Keiper*, A. Boysen, D. Schlaefke (Rostock, DE)
Jugendforensische Abteilung der Universitären Psychiatrischen Kliniken Basel
P. Tischer* (Basel, CH)

Psychosocial and cultural aspects of delinquency (Symposium 18)
Chairs: P. Hämmerle & O. Bilke

Psychosocial background in incarcerated adolescents from Austria, Turkey and former Yugoslavia
B. Plattner*, S. Bauer, H. Steiner (Zurich, CH & Vienna, AT & Palo Alto, US)
Envelopment and self-development: implications for culture sensitive diagnosis and therapy
V.G. Kouratovsky* (Rotterdam, NL)
Delinquent behaviour in youngsters from the Netherlands Antilles
I.L. Bongers*, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen (Eindhoven, Tilburg, NL)
Group-differences in juvenile offenders
T. Czuczor*, S. Eschmann, D. Monteverde, T. Best, C. Bessler, H.C. Steinhausen (Zurich, CH)

Aspects of development and delinquency (Symposium 19)
Chairs: D. Deboutte & M. Aebi

Neurobiological correlates in basic conditions and after a stress task among adolescents showing proactive or reactive aggression
S.Wilson*, D. Deboutte, D. van West (Wilrijk, BE)
Birth order and reported problem behaviours throughout development
T. Machado* (Coimbra, PT)
Consenting to “rape”? The implications of criminal law for teenage sexual activity
J. Gooren* (Leiden, NL)
Substance use and antisocial behaviour across adolescence: the role of low self-control
A. Fonseca*, M. das Dores Formosinho (Coimbra, PT)
The social context of cannabis use among a sample of criminally involved youth
M. Simpson*, J. Howard, J. Copeland (Sydney, AU)

Juvenile sex offenders (Symposium 20)
Chairs: H. Steiner & C. Bessler

Current status of interventions with young sex offenders
M. Manetsch* (Zurich, CH)
Sexual assaultive behaviour during childhood – a treatment evaluation study
A. König, K. Elsner* (Duisburg, Viersen, DE)
Juvenile sex offenders: mental health and reoffending
L. ’t Hart-Kerkhoffs*, R. Vermeiren, L. Jansen, Th. Doreleijers (Amsterdam, Leiden, Arnhem, NL)
Psychopathic traits in subgroups of juvenile sex offenders
C. Boonmann*, L. Jansen, L. ‘t Hart-Kerkhoffs, Th. Doreleijers (Amsterdam, Arnem, NL)
Developing a classification system for juvenile sexual offenders
M. Aebi*, B. Plattner, C. Bessler (Zurich, CH)

Gender, family and violence (Symposium 21)
Chairs: S. Bailey & M. Oswald

Enhancement of mother-child-interaction with the Ulm model for attachment based intervention with video-feedback
M. Pillhofer*, U. Ziegenhain (Ulm, DE)
A comparison of gender specific self-report and social or educational worker’s report on internalizing and externalizing behaviour problems of Swiss adolescents and young adults in youth welfare and juvenile justice institutions
B. Bailey*, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany
The influence of family dysfunction on the self-reflection surrounding the actions of juvenile delinquency
E. Francescotti*, G. Braunschweig, C. Perler, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany
Violence prevention at the cantonal police department in Basel, Switzerland
T. Vollenweider-Meier* on behalf of the “Specific prevention” team, Police Basel-Stadt
Male and female psychopathy and self-reported youth delinquency in a Swiss community sample
M. Schmid*, C. Stadlin, S. Felber Appiagyei, T. Pérez, A. Di Gallo, K. Schmeck (Basel, CH & Freiburg, DE)

Integrative intervention (Symposium 22)
Chairs: T. Ogden & C. Danielsson

From integration to differentiation – concepts and results of adolescent forensic psychiatry planning in Berlin, 2004–2010
O. Bilke* (Berlin, DE)
Programme Integrity: the heel of Achilles when working “evidence-based”
H.J.M. Spanjaard*, S.S. Polak (Amsterdam, NL)
Addition of psychiatric disorders and family focused treatment to a residential facility for juvenile delinquents
R. Breuk* (Zutphen, NL)
Multisystemic therapy for adolescent conduct disorders in the German-speaking world. Implementation and first results
B. Rhiner* (Weinfelden, CH)

Multiethnic aspects of delinquency (Symposium 23)
Chairs: E. Dozortseva & A. Fonseca

Childhood cruelty and antisocial behaviour across adolescence
A. Fonseca* (Coimbra, PT)
Problem behaviour across development: a longitudinal study of Portuguese students
T. Machado* (Coimbra, PT)
Juvenile justice in Russia: development and problems
E. Dozortseva* (Moscow, RU)
Individual and environmental risk factors for reoffending in children from ethnic minorities: childhood offenders from Moroccan origin in the city of Amsterdam
C.H. Paalman*, L. van Domburgh, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, NL)
Adolescents and child forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy in Serbia
O. Vidojevic* (Belgrade, RS)

From prevention to intervention (Symposium 24)
Chairs: R. Vermeiren & W. Felder

Opening doors – a participatory approach to increasing access to and participation in youth friendly harm reduction
J. Howard* (Sydney, AU)
A new school-based prevention programme for the early onset life course persistent offender
S. Houghton* (Perth, AU)
Problem youngsters or youngsters with problems: evidence based care for violent youth in Europe
J. De Meulenaere*, D. Deboutte, D. van West, Th. Doreleijers, R. Vermeiren, G. Bronsard, R. Barbe for the Evens Foundation
Towards a more evidence-based treatment of antisocial youth in Sweden
P. Kyhle Westermark*, M. Hultman, C. Kaunitz (Stockholm, SE)

Treatment of juvenile offenders in German forensic hospitals (Symposium 25)
Chairs: O. Reis & F. Haessler

Effects of the kind of entry into an open adolescent drug abuse treatment programme in Germany
O. Reis*, F. Haessler (Rostock, DE)
Effects of treatment for juvenile offenders – data from a German psychiatric hospital
F. Haessler*, P. Keiper, D. Schlaefke, O. Reis (Rostock, DE)
Treatment outcomes of addicted delinquents in different age groups
F. Kupke*, D. Schlaefke (Rostock, DE)
Does education in forensic treatment enhance predictions of criminal re-O0ffence?
A.Wettermann*, D. Schlaefke (Rostock, DE)

Neurofeedback as intervention in youth with ADHD problems and comorbid disorders in the forensic mental healthcare (Symposium 26)
Chairs: Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen & O. Bilke

Neurofeedback as an additional intervention in forensic mental health care
A.C. Berghout*, M. Bink, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen (Eindhoven, Tilburg, NL)
Feasibility of neurofeedback in youth with ADHD-problems and comorbid disorders
E.A.W. de Ruijter*, M. Bink, I.L. Bongers, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen (Eindhoven, Tilburg, NL)
Effectiveness of Neurofeedback in youth with ADHD-problems and comorbid disorders
M. Bink*, I.L. Bongers, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen (Tilburg, Eindhoven, NL)

Convegno italiano (Symposium 27)
Chairs: M. Zanoli & B. Zampedri

Free memory and guided memory: effects on the interacton on two different samples
T. Magro*, M. Zanoli (Padua, IT)
National guidelines in minor’s witnessing
U. Sabatello*, G.B. Camerini, M. Zanoli (Rome, Padua, IT)
Memory assessment with aIAT: its use in the forensic context and future applications with minors
S. Agosta*, S. Codognotto, F. Gnoato, G. Sartori, T. Magro (Padua, IT)
The psychopathic traits measured in a group of children and adolescents placed in youth welfare institutions and juvenile justice facilities in Switzerland
B. Zampedri*, G. Braunschweig, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck on behalf of the MAZ Research Group, Switzerland and Germany

Mental health screening in juvenile justice with MAYSI-2: a multi-national perspective (Symposium 28)
Chairs: T. Grisso & L. Guy

The process of mental health screening with MAYSI-2 in Turkey
S. Sismanlar* (Kocaeli, TR)
The use of the MAYSI-2 in the three linguistic regions of Switzerland within the assessment of young people during penal or civil placement measures
G. Braunschweig*, E. Francescotti, M. Schmid, J.M. Fegert, K. Schmeck MAZ Research Group from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic Basel, Switzerland
MAYSI-2 “implementation” in Belgium: good intentions are not enough
O. Colins* (Oegstgeest, NL)

Suicide and self-destructive acts in juvenile prisons: an interinstitutional research
U. Sabatello*, N. Fedeli, L. Cirigliano (Rome, IT)
Mental health screening and assessment in antisocial youth in Spain: a comparison between the MACI and the MAYSI-2
C. Moreno-Rubio, A. Andres-Pueyo* (Barcelona, ES)
Mental health screening with the MAYSI-2 in adolescents in detention in the Netherlands
P. Vahl*, O. Colins, M. Markus , R. Vermeiren (Oegstgeest, NL)

Assessment of immigrants in forensic populations (Symposium 29)
Chairs: Th. Doreleijers & R. Schepker

Psychopathology and intellectual functioning of Dutch Antillean immigrants in contact with the law
C. Boonmann*, L. van Domburgh, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, NL)
Screening and assessment of externalizing problems in Moroccan immigrant youth in the Netherlands
M. Adriaanse*, L. van Domburgh,W. Veling, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, NL)
Influence of acculturation patterns on externalizing problems in Moroccan immigrant youth in the Netherlands
M.B.A. Niemantsverdriet*, M. Adriaanse, L. van Domburgh, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, NL)
How to teach forensic assessment in immigrant youth – do’s and don’ts
R. Schepker* (Ravensburg, DE)
Prevention and intervention of violence in youth in Europe.
Th. Doreleijers* (Duivendrecht, NL)

Intervention and treatment of behavioural problems (Symposium 30)
Chairs: A. Fonseca & C. Stadler

A training tool to assist in increasing the capacity of those working with young cannabis users to engage and enhance motivation for change
J. Howard* (Sydney, AU)
Effectiveness of parent training programmes in families with low socioeconomic status: a meta-analysis
P.H.O. Leijten*, M.A.J. Raaijmakers, B. Orobio de Castro,W. Matthys (Utrecht, NL)
Effects of an intensive behavioural treatment approach for children with disruptive behaviour disorders
C. Stadler*, D. Grasmann (Frankfurt, DE)
Culturally sensitive offer of PMTO for Moroccan immigrants with children with behavioural problems
B. Hallich*, L. van Domburgh, Th. Doreleijers (Duivendrecht, NL)
Parents as partners in forensic care in the Netherlands
M. Dorleijn*, M. Slaats on behalf of the Werkgroep Forensische Zorg Balans NVA

Forensic psychiatry in Kosovo (Symposium 31)
Chairs: G. Cala & C. Cassidy

Establishing a forensic psychiatric ward in Pristina
C. Cassidy* (Basel, CH)
Near future forensic mental healthcare in Kosovo
N. Ibishi-Musliu*, G. Cala (Pristina, XZ)
Peer aggression in Kosovar youth
A. Goçi-Uka*, A. Blyta, A. Arenliu, K. Schmeck (Pristina, XZ & Basel, CH)
Characteristics of antisocial behaviours of children and adolescents in the town of Prizren, Kosovo
N. Fanaj* (Prizren, XZ)
The difficulties in reintegration process of minor offenders in Kosovo
U. Deva*, N. Fanaj (Prizren, XZ)